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The forms below are fillable. Click on your selected form to open it in your web browser. Select the 'download' button on the top, right corner of the form to download and save to your computer. Open the saved form file from your computer to fill out. Once completed, forms can be sent to prior to your appointment. 

*Note* Forms must be downloaded first in order to save text. Forms can also be downloaded and printed. If you are having difficulties filling out your forms, please contact Scenic Bluffs at (608) 654-5100.

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New Patient Registration Packet

  New Patient Registration Forms Packet


Las Nuevas Formas de Registro de Pacientes

Las Nuevas Formas de Registro de Pacientes 


Annually Updated Forms

Verbal Communication Form 

Annual Patient Information Form 

Annually Updated Forms

Formulario de Comunicacion Verb

Actualizacion de informacion del Paciente

Healthy Neighbor Plan Forms

Healthy Neighbor Plan Application 

Healthy Neighbor Plan Financial Support Form

Financial Hardship Application

Formas del Plan Vecinio sana

Healthy Neighbor Plan Solicitud

Healthy Neighbor Formulario de Solicitud

Solicitud por Dificultad Financiera

Dental Forms

Dental Health Review for New Patients 

Formas Dentales

Formas Dentales Requeridos

Behavioral Health Forms

Behavioral Health Review

Formas de Salud del Comportamiento

Revision de Salud


Individual Forms

Intake Registration Form 

Verbal Communication Form 

Authorization for Treatment Form

Immunization Screening Checklist 

Records Release Form 

Consent for Treatment

Formas Individuales

Formulario de Registro

Formulario de Comunicacion Verbal

Autorización para Tratamiento y Pagos

Cuestionario de contraindicaciones para
vacunación de adultos

Consentimento para tratamiento substituido

Las nuevas formas de registro de pacientes
Las nuevas formas de registro de pacientes
Las nuevas formas de registro de pacientes