Located in the Cashton Health Center, Scenic Bluffs' Pharmacy is available to all health center patients. Our pharmacists assist patients with filling and refilling medication prescriptions, as well as medication consulting and education. We also provide supportive pharmacy services such as Medication Therapy Management and help with applications for copay assistance and prescription assistance programs.

What is Medication Therapy Management?
Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a service that involves a comprehensive medication review from your pharmacist.

  • Your pharmacist will work closely with you and your provider/prescriber to complete an in-depth review your medications and assure medications prescribed are the best fit for your health conditions.
  • During the MTM process, your pharmacist may find substitutions that could reduce the cost or dosage of your prescription or are a better overall fit for you.
  • Your pharmacist will also provide education on your specific health needs and the impact of your medication regimen.
  • This service can be offered in-person or by phone. 

Pharmacists provide MCM to help patients get the best benefits from their medications by actively managing drug therapy and by identifying, preventing and resolving medication-related problems.

Who can benefit from Medication Therapy Management?

  • Anyone who uses prescription medications, non-prescription medications, herbals, or other dietary supplements may potentially benefit from MTM services.
  • People who may benefit the most include those who use several medications, those who have several health conditions, those who have questions or problems with their medications, those who are taking medications that require close monitoring, those who have been hospitalized, and those who obtain their medications from more than one pharmacy.


Services Provided
  • Prescription Refills
  • Clinical Pharmacist Consultation 
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Prescription Support through Prescription Assistance Program and Scenic Bluffs' Prescription Savings Program


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Cashton Health Center
Monday–Thursday: 8:00am–6:00pm 
Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Pharmacy closes for lunch daily: 1:00–1:30pm