Dental Sealant and Fluoride Program

Scenic Bluffs offers a School-Based Dental Sealant and Fluoride Program to students at participating schools, free of charge. This program provides preventive dental care for students during the school day, in both the fall and spring. 


Please click on your school name below to register for the Dental Sealant and Flouride Program at your school:

What does this program provide?
  • Preventive dental care, including dental sealants and fluoride varnish, from a licensed dental professional.
  • Each child gets tooth brushing instructions, oral health education and a toothbrush to take home.
  • Particpating children will be sent home with a letter for parents describing the services provided and suggestions for further treatment, if needed.
  • If additional treatment is needed, Scenic Bluffs can assist parents in getting their children a dentist appointment, if you would like.
  • A follow-up visit. Scenic Bluffs will return to your school to ensure sealant placement was successful and if any additional teeth are ready to seal.
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is a sealant? A sealant is a thin, tooth-colored coating painted on an adult molar to help prevent cavities from forming. The dental hygienist will look in the child’s mouth to determine which teeth can have sealants and places them the same day.
  • What if the child already has sealants or already sees a dentist? The child can still participate in this program. Our Dental Hygienist will check the child’s sealants and will replace or repair any sealants that need it. They can also receive a fluoride treatment.
  • What is fluoride varnish? Fluoride varnish is a gel painted on the teeth, making them stronger. Each child will receive a minimum of two applications while our program is at your school. Chidlren can still participate in this program, even if their parents do not want their child to receive fluoride.  Parents should note your preference on the consent form.
Meet our Dental Sealant Coordinator