Lugar de Reunion

Lugar de Reunion (LdR) is a Hispanic community outreach and resource center of Scenic Bluffs Community Health Centers. The purpose of LdR is to improve access to local resources in order to enhance and support the Hispanic communities in Sparta, the county and the region. 

LdR operates in partnership with the Sparta Area School District, and it located in the downstairs of the Sparta Administrative Building.

Orginally, LdR began as part of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Sparta. In 2007, Lugar de Reunion was awarded a grant that enabled them to open their first storefront office and program space in Sparta. 

In 2015, LdR became a part of Scenic Bluffs, and partnered with the Sparta Area School District. The Sparta School District provided a new location for the outreach center, which allowed us to continue providing services to the Hispanic community in Sparta and the surrounding communities.